Code Of Conduct

The following code of conduct is applicable to all Employees of the Company.

All employees shall deal on behalf of the Company with professionalism, honesty, integrity as well as high moral and ethical standards. Such conduct shall be fair and transparent and be perceived to be as such by third parties.

No employee of the Company shall engage in any business, relationship or activity, which might detrimentally conflict with the interest of the Company.

All employees of the Company shall ensure that their actions in the conduct of business are totally transparent except where the needs of business security dictate otherwise.

All employees of the Company shall at all times ensure compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations within any country that we operate.

None of the assets of the Company should be misused or diverted for personal purpose.

All employees shall ensure that any confidential information gained in their official capacity is not utilized for personal profit or for the advantage of any other person. They shall not provide any information either formally or informally to the press or to any other outside party unless specifically authorized to do so.

All employees shall follow all prescribed safety and environment-related norms.

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